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Beginning the end of March we will no longer be stocking crepe paper on our website. Now is the chance to stock up while we still have inventory.

Please allow extra time right now as we are processing many orders.

Dear Friends,

Nearly twenty years ago I opened the doors to our shop and classroom to let the world share in my creative journey. Castle in the Air manifested as the ideal artist's studio: everyone was welcome, and countless people and projects flourished. Except for holidays and redecorating, our doors have been open every day.

Castle in the Air has thrived incredibly over the years. We've grown a very successful online shop, published award-winning books, hosted visiting artists from around the world, and branched out with classes and programs extending far beyond our walls in Berkeley. Like each year before it, this past year has been a commercial and creative success, and we've poured all wins right back into the business.

It's with this sense of accomplishment and no small amount of bittersweet feeling that I announce the upcoming closure of our Berkeley shop. This change has nothing to do with the state of the world, which is far from kind to independent retailers. Instead, it's simply time for a reassessment of what Castle in the Air is and what it can be. Our classes will continue to be held through the end of April. We will be liquidating much of our in-store and online stock and shop fixtures in sales over the coming weeks.

My own plans involve new creative projects that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m currently finishing moving in to a new painting studio where I’ll pursue my egg tempera practice. I’m midway through the work on my next book for Dromedary Press, illustrated with my paintings. Teaching has been very fulfilling, and I plan to continue offering classes. You can also expect special pop-up events in collaboration with other artists.

All of these dreams are the same ones I had when opening the shop on our first day. I’ve achieved much and grown from it all, and I’m eager to see what comes next. You can keep up with my own work, Castle in the Air, and Dromedary Press through our email list and social media, including Instagram at @1castleintheair, @castleintheairstudio, and @dromedarypress.

Our community has grown in so many wonderful ways, and I treasure every story of how we’ve helped change people’s lives. There is nothing on earth quite like what we’ve created with Castle in the Air, which has always been much more than a shop. Its spirit will live on, in the near future and in years to follow, in the works of the many people who have helped to make this fantasy real.

Creative courage has been our mission from day one. To me, this means looking toward the future with a brave face and ready hands. Our Castle in the Air has been in port for many years, and it will soon rise in anticipation of new horizons.

If you have any memories or pictures you would like to share with me or the Castle crew, we would be grateful if you’d email them to us at Please come see us if you’re in Berkeley, for one last chance to take a bit of the dream home with you! If you’ve gained any inspiration or skills from Castle in the Air over the years, we hope you’ll share them with your personal and artistic communities.

It has been my honor to have you by my side for the journey so far. I look forward to your company in all that comes next.

Karima Cammell


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