Our Story

Castle in the Air began as a wish and grew into a way of life. In 2001, painter Karima Cammell opened a small storefront in her hometown of Berkeley, California. Her vision was to create the ideal studio for artists, writers, and dreamers. Castle in the Air would provide the supplies, knowledge, and camaraderie—all rare treasures—that the creative life demands.

Backed by hard work, this clear idea became a reality. Shoppers and students were surprised and inspired by the uncommon riches they found at Castle in the Air. It flourished, and soon Karima and company relocated to Berkeley’s Fourth Street shopping district, where the growth continues. The shop and classroom’s offerings have prompted the revival of many long-lost arts, including crepe-paper flowers, calligraphy, and vintage crafts. Over time Castle in the Air has garnered acclaim from journalists and style-makers, who have helped make it an international destination.

Visitors to Castle in the Air quickly realize that it is more than the sum of its parts. A new wonder can be found around every corner. World-class teachers patiently impart technique and skill in the upstairs workshop. An in-house publishing company produces books and ephemera that champion creative courage. One-of-a-kind marvels appear overnight, the work of visionaries who have found a true home at this distinctive and welcoming place.