American glass artist Alexis Berger creates jewelry reminiscent of the Belle Epoch period, and is inspired by forms found in the natural world. She is an artist in the lampwork tradition, using soda lime glass and findings sourced from around the world. A Bay Area native, Berger makes the beads found in her pieces herself in her studio in Berkeley, and collaborates with Castle in the Air to develop designs exclusive to our shop.


Behold the legendary handiwork of the most esteemed miniature artists from Palekh. The nimble-fingered virtuosos responsible for these whimsical lacquer boxes began their craft in the 1920's, but pay homage to the icon painters of the 18th century. Each box begins as a humble papier-mâché that is molded and sculpted over a six-week period, then lovingly embellished with multiple layers of lacquer and paint until it reaches burnished perfection.

Admirers new and old alike recognize lacquer boxes by their elegant black backgrounds and distinctive fragrance of linseed oil. Colorful fables, fairy tales, and enchanting woodland scenes dance in charming egg tempera and accents of genuine gold, melted by aqua regia and applied with the delicate touch of a fine squirrel hair brush.