Journey to the Moon

Ask any astronaut what it takes to rocket into space and they’ll describe the months of preparation involved. Liftoff is possible only through extensive planning, finding and training the best people, getting the timing just right, and double-checking all the details. While we don’t profess to have the exactitude of NASA, we have the same passion for what we do. Many hands, hearts, and heads came together this year at Castle in the Air as we launch our holiday theme—Journey to the Moon.

As you enter the shop, the first thing you’ll notice is our giant rocket ship laden with glass ornaments, most of them from artisans in Poland and the Czech Republic. Here the whimsical mingles with the wondrous, hundreds of characters, animals, and fantastic objects rubbing shoulders in readiness for the season. Will they be making the voyage to the moon, or will they go home with you?

Castle in the Air’s ground crew members are here to welcome you, each of us wearing special insignia made expressly for the season. Would you like your own mission patch, enamel pin, or Journey to the Moon t-shirt? Just ask and we’ll be happy to outfit you for your adventure.

Cast your gaze upward and you’ll see something truly otherworldly—Georges Méliès’ 1902 film “A Trip to the Moon” projected onto the wall above the stairs to our second floor. This silent motion picture tapped into the hopes and dreams of mankind more than 60 years before we set foot on the moon, and it still delights us today, nearly a century later.

Our second floor is packed with more lunar wonders to charm you this holiday season. The first shoppers through our doors last week admitted that they ended up taking home several treasures for themselves. No one said a journey to the moon was without certain risks!

Outside the upstairs classroom you’ll find a magical ticket box—your personal journey to the moon costs you only what you care to pay, and not a penny more. We’ve transformed the classroom into a glamorous vintage photo booth where you can pose with a classic grinning crescent moon. You’ll want to frame your picture, so bring your best camera!

All of us at Castle in the Air are excited to blast off into this marvelous adventure with you, whether you visit us in person or tune in from your own home. From our moon base to yours, please accept our warmest wishes for a holiday season full of out-of-this-world delights.

Karima Cammell