New Doublette 7-Color Set

New Doublette 7-Color Set


Try out all seven of the newest doublette colors from Germany!

Includes 1 sheet each of the new colors:

21. off white/bone
22. white peach/blush
23. chamomile/cream
24. green tea/moss
25 plum/wine
26. vanilla/pale pink
27. raspberry/dark salmon

If you would prefer to purchase these colors individually, please see our doublette listing here.

90 gram double-sided crepe paper

Each sheet: 25 x 125 cm or 10" x 49"

135% stretch

Doublette Crepe: With a relatively smooth finish and a different color on each side, the doublette crepe is wonderful for making flower petals. It is actually two sheets of fine crepe laminated together at the factory with an adhesive. The doublette crepe comes in single-sheet folds, each sheet being about a quarter of the size of a fine or florist crepe roll once it's unfolded.

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