July 8 - Watercolor Nature Journaling: Streams, Waterfalls, & Lakes

July 8 - Watercolor Nature Journaling: Streams, Waterfalls, & Lakes


This class is nearly full. Please call to check availability: 510.204.9801.

Whether we find it in streams, waterfalls, marshes, or lakes, water fascinates us. Water reflects the land and sky above it and provides an ever-present undercurrent as we ponder the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. Through a series of exercises, you will learn to distill this fluid wonder into simple shapes to transfer into your journal in graphite and watercolor. You will be given Kristinʼs simple palette of eight pigments that you’ll learn to transform into a full range of beautiful and harmonious colors. You’ll also be provided a journal, a water brush, and other tools to take home. Kristin’s Rocks, Mountains & Cliffs class, presented the day before this class, forms an excellent background for this workshop, if you’re looking to add further depth to your waterscape pictures.

Fee: $135; includes all materials
Instructor: Kristin Meuser — Limit: 12 students
July 8, Sunday, 11am–5pm (Studio 2)

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