November 19 - Little Limitless Landscapes

November 19 - Little Limitless Landscapes


This class is nearly full. Please call to check availability: 510.204.9801.

Inspired by the hexagonal tiles depicting various landscapes in the game Settlers of Catan, this class invites you to create your own tiny, ever-changing, three-dimensional world. Alice will provide you with sturdy little wooden hexagonal tiles on which you will create a broad variety of terrains. Using molding paste, paint, tiny ground rocks of all colors, green flocking, moss, lichen, and a range of other natural materials, you’ll learn Alice’s techniques for creating surprisingly lifelike interconnecting vignettes. You will create tiny trees, shrubs, benches, sand dunes, chaparral, rock outcroppings, wheat fields, moonscapes, and more! You will also learn to use a special material to create realistic ponds, streams, and lakes. Last but hardly least, you will be provided with a selection of the best quality German miniatures to choose from, including assorted kinds of people and animals from farms and the wild. You’ll also receive resource printouts with information to help you continue your constructions at home. Being hexagonal in shape, your little landscapes can be configured and reconfigured into an endless variety of combinations, with appeal for the child in us all, aged 9–99. By the time you’re through with class, you’ll go home with ten completed tiles, with more materials available at Castle in the Air for your future landscape projects.

Fee: $135; includes all materials
Instructor: Alice Armstrong — Limit: 10 students
November 19, Sunday, 11am–5pm
Studio 1

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