May 20 - Watercolor Nature Journaling: Wildflowers

May 20 - Watercolor Nature Journaling: Wildflowers


Each spring we anticipate the emergence of wildflowers, blossoms whose colors and forms bring such delight to our senses. Bring samples from your garden if you wish! You will learn to mix and match subtle and flamboyant colors of petals and leaves, explore simple techniques for blocking in shapes and details, and dream up words that express your observations and responses to these humble bearers of joy! You will be given Kristinʼs simple palette with eight pigments, which you’ll learn to transform into a full range of beautiful and harmonious colors. You will also be provided a journal, a water brush, and other tools to take home.

Fee includes all materials, but feel free to bring in your own wildflowers for reference.


Instructor: Kristin Meuser — Limit: 12 students
May 20, Saturday, 11am–5pm

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