April 5 - Peonies

April 5 - Peonies


This class is sold out. Please call to be put on the waiting list: 510.204.9801.

The dramatic blooming of the peonies in the Midwest attracts a feeding frenzy of ants and other insects. They can’t get enough of these flowers’ sugary juices. We love the peonies’ drama and sweetness too, as well as their colors—ranging from white to a purple that’s almost black. Lynn will help you mimic the hues using Castle in the Air’s selection of colored crepe paper. She’ll provide you with a template for creating the petals and leaves. You can choose to make a “double” peony or a tree peony using fine and standard florist crepe. You’ll also receive tips and techniques for matching the veins on the leaves, and you’ll learn to make bulbous peony buds from crepe paper and cotton-batting balls, mastering the use of adhesives and scissors. Each of your blooms will be a spectacle of its own.

Fee: $130; includes all materials
Instructor: Lynn Dolan — Limit: 15 students
April 5, Friday, 11am–5pm (Studio 2)

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