Blue Castle Badge

Blue Castle Badge


What's that silver glint on the lapel of the boy you just passed on the street? What's this blue enamel pin on the blouse of the woman standing next to you in the cafe line? Why, it's none other than the Blue Castle Badge, the official sign of noble and noteworthy individuals!

The Blue Castle badge is not purchased; it is earned with a valiant deed.

The Blue Castle Badge is awarded to those who have accomplished one or more of the following achievements:

* They have sent a real, paper letter to Castle in the Air illustrated with some of their own artwork.

* They have sent a real, paper letter to Castle in the Air telling us of a good deed they have performed.

* They have been mentioned favorably here on the Castle in the Air weblog.

Scores of people have already earned their Blue Castle Badge. Maybe you'll be the next!

Send your letters to:

Castle in the Air
1805 Fourth Street
Berkeley, California 94710

By participating, you understand that Castle in the Air may use your letters for promotion or as a basis for store merchandise and may display your letters in the store or online. All of us at Castle in the Air understand that your privacy is very important, and we will always do our best not to reveal your personal information.

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