The Troll Cookbook

The Troll Cookbook



ISBN 13 9870978896676

7.25" x 10.25", 304 PAGES

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The Troll Cookbook

A Taste of Something Different: Simple Foods Any Troll Can Make

By Karima Cammell and Clint Marsh

Don’t Feed the Trolls—Let the Trolls Feed You!

Trolls are folkloric creatures found in many lands, and in these pages they offer us enchanting and personal ways to savor good food every day. Far from mere fantasy, the world of the trolls is really just a few steps from our own. It’s a place where ancient nourishing practices live on, and where time-honored simplicity makes cooking understandable, delicious, and fun.

Created by the imaginative, award-winning duo of Karima Cammell and Clint Marsh, The Troll Cookbook sets you on the cyclical path of the culinary year. You’ll learn creative ways to prepare and share meals using simple, seasonal foods and classic techniques. Food lore breaks down basic ingredients such as grains, beans, root vegetables, and eggs, and shows how to turn them into mouthwatering meals using more than 180 rapturous recipes and techniques. Whimsical paintings pepper the pages, showing trolls delighting in the food they’ve made.

Stirring together hearty helpings of myth with hands-on methods you can try in a bare-bones kitchen, The Troll Cookbook is here to put the heart and soul back into cooking. Following troll cooking traditions you’ll learn how to:

- start making your own yogurt

- capture airborne yeast to create sourdough bread

- make mock capers from nasturtium flowers

- throw a stone-soup party and turn “nothing” into something delicious

- preserve seasonal foods for enjoying later

- and much, much more.

First-Place Winner (Nonfiction), IndieReader Discovery Awards

First-Place Winner (Crafts/Hobbies/How-To), Reader Views Literary Awards

Winner of the Bronze Medal for General Cookbook, Living Now Book Awards

Finalist (Nonfiction), Rubery Book Award

Finalist (General Cookbook), International Book Awards

Finalist (General Cookbook), National Indie Excellence Awards

Finalist (How-To/Home & Garden), Next Generation Indie Book Awards

"An inventive, amusing guide that's perfect for those looking to get back to basics in the kitchen. Readers who accept Cammell and Marsh's conceit—that trolls actually exist—will be treated to a quirky, thoughtful guide to old-fashioned cooking." — Kirkus

"Unique and well researched — a real treasure."  — IndieReader

"The Troll Cookbook is my favorite book this year, one I will keep, cherish, and revisit on many different occasions.” — Susan Violante, Reader Views

"Absorbing.... Suggests the cook fire of the kitchen is the link that connects trolls and humans." — Judge, Benjamin Franklin Awards